David Elliott

... I’m in my second year at college, and having twice got to the percussion final of the BBC Young Musician of the Year I’m now looking forward to my professional career.  The Richard Ely Trust has given me tremendous support throughout my studies, and has recently contributed towards the purchase of a top-quality marimba.  I’m really grateful for their help ...


Welcome to the Richard Ely Trust for Young Musicians. We are passionate about helping young people to develop their talent and love of music, and we hope you share our passion.

Young musicians give immense pleasure through the high standard of their performances across the whole range of musical styles. Even more important is the benefit for the young people themselves - in the development of individual skills, the rewards of working in ensembles, and above all in their self-confidence and enriched perception of the world.

There are more opportunities now for young musicians than ever before - but these come at a cost which in many cases can pose real problems. It is a tragedy if a young person is denied the chance to develop a promising talent because he or she cannot afford to have regular lessons, to be a member of a performing group, or to take up a college place. This is where the Trust can help - and where you can help us to make a real difference.  Our purpose is to promote, improve, develop and advance education in and the appreciation of music in all its aspects for young people under the age of 21 resident in or educated within Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole with a particular view to assisting those in financial hardship.  Our firm belief is that in this way we will enable young people to develop precious talent, for their own benefit and that of the community.