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How You Can Help Us

We have no endowment and no guaranteed source of income, so we have to raise funds constantly to continue our work of supporting young musicians.  All contributions, great or small, are warmly welcomed  -  they really do make all the difference.

You can help by:-

  • Coming to our events
  • Making a donation or covenant  -  if you can Gift Aid this your donation will be worth even more to us
  • Sponsoring a concert
  • Becoming a Trust Supporter
  • Making a bequest to the Trust in your will
  • Telling other people about the Trust  -  what we can do for them and what they can do for us

The Trust is run entirely by volunteers and has very low overheads, so we can promise that nearly everything we raise will go directly towards support for young musicians. In a typical year over 95% of all our expenditure goes on grant support.

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